Fresh Sake Bath Review

A good friend of mine got me the Fresh Sake Bath over the holidays. She knew I was a a big fan of the Fresh lip balm, so got me the Fresh Sake Bath to try out their bath product. Here's a quick review:

Description From
"Sake Bath is a purifying soak comprised of over 50% detoxifying sake that works to ease body tension and promote relaxation while leaving the skin incredibly soft, smooth, and moisturized. The delicately foaming formula was inspired by ancient beauty rituals of Japanese Geisha who were known to use sake to purify and soften their skin, and its luxurious lush scent comes from their tradition of infusing baths with real persimmons."
Claimed benefits
  • Sake, prepared from rice grains, is known to detoxify and soften the skin.
  • Ginger root extract helps to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Melissa leaf extract is noted for its calming and soothing properties.
  • Radish root extract helps tone and reduce irritation.
  • Peach fruit extract is known to restore suppleness.
  • Apricot kernel, passionflower seed, and sesame seed oils help nourish and hydrate.
How to Use Soak for at least 10 minutes. Rinse under a cool shower without using soap and gently towel-dry. Follow with Fresh Rice Dry Oil to nourish the body.
Pricing 6.8 oz for $48 or 13.5 for $80
My Review My first instinct: Love the packaging! I'm a big sucker for packaging. Not a lot of bath products looks nice for display. This will look great in your bath area.

I soaked my body in the Fresh Bath Sake for 20 minutes. The smell was very pleasant. You can definitely smell the sake but, it's not strong. After getting out of the bath tub and drying my body, my skin felt smooth and moisturized for the whole day. 

Would I repurchase after finishing the bottle? Probably not due to the price tag. A 6.8oz bottle will last for approximately 5 times depending how big is your bath tube. If the price tag is not important to you, go ahead and give it a try. Very relaxing!

A new beginning

One of my goal for 2015 is to revive this blog. I wasn't able to accomplish this in 2014 because I had a lot going on with my life: a new career, relocating to another city, and all the crap that life throws at you when you're "officially" an adult :).

What you can expect from this blog in 2015: 
  1. Beauty entries. Makeup, skincare, fashion, yeah.....seems like this obsession never goes away. 
  2. Lots of food porn pictures from my instagram.
  3. My travel adventures. Mr. M and I will be visiting his motherland (Japan) next year! 
  4. A lot of other random BS, haha. 
Big thanks to Mr. M for getting me the Sony Alpha A5100 so I can satisfy my photography obsession to publish on this blog ;).

 Happy holidays everyone!
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